Join us in celebration of our 30th Anniversary! image

Join us in celebration of our 30th Anniversary!

Help NBAF ensure that every child in our community, regardless of their circumstances, can enrich their life and build their future through the arts as we work to uplift the next generation.

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National Black Arts Festival:
Celebrating 30 Years

Recognized as the oldest multidisciplinary arts organization in the U.S. focused exclusively on the arts and artists of African descent, NBAF has been selected as a recipient of the 2018 Governor's Awards for the Arts and Humanities in Georgia. What began as a seasonal outdoor festival has evolved into a robust calendar of year-round school programming designed to support the artists of tomorrow, and public events that engage and entertain audiences who have a passion for the arts. Our programs not only promote artistic expression in young people, they pave the way for distinguished careers in the fine arts, performing arts, and literary arts

"Fashion and philanthropy go hand-in-hand. It's really about impact – impacting communities' women and culture. I'm inspired by women who live in this world where they don't have to impress anyone. I want to design for them because they are impressive already. I am grateful that NBAF gave me a platform to launch my dream."

Azede Jean-Pierre, Scholarship Awardee, NBAF Fashion-Forward Program

While Azede was studying at SCAD Atlanta, she learned about NBAF's Fashion Forward Program, a competition for Emerging Fashion Design Students enrolled in Georgia universities. Azede was one of three winners in 2015 who received a cash award, coaching, and an opportunity to have her fashion design displayed for one week in the window at Neiman Marcus Atlanta. Azede credits NBAF with helping to launch her career. She is now a 26-year old fashion designer, who has designed for Michelle Obama and Solange Knowles. In addition, to creating her own fashion line, and designing uniforms for elementary schools in her home country, Haiti
"I am so grateful to NBAF and its supporters for giving a kid

like me a chance to realize my dream of being a world-renowned photographer."

- Payton Johnson, current NextGen Artist Student (a youth development program for arts exposure to fashion, visual arts and film/media).

For most of his life, Payton has felt he wasn't able to express himself freely. However, he's found that drawing and photography have helped give his mind freedom to breathe. Through NBAF's unique partnership with Savannah College of Arts and Design (SCAD), star students in our NextGen Artist program like Payton have an opportunity to receive a scholarship to participate in a Summer Immersion Program at SCAD.

"NBAF helped expose me to the finest artist in the world, the numerous programs and services throughout the years assisted me in achieving my best and becoming my most creative self. NBAF also commissioned some of my earliest work which spring-boarded my career to international recognition. I am now "Paying it Forward" and contributing to NBAF's mission."

- Radcliffe Bailey – NBAF Luminary Honoree

Radcliffe Bailey is a painter, sculptor, and mixed-media artist whose work has been described by the New York Times as an exploration of "Black Atlantic culture, the vital, nurturing, agitated link between Africa and the Americas." Radcliffe's work has been exhibited at The Gibbs Museum of Art, Charleston; The High Museum of Art, Atlanta; the McNay Art Museum, San Antonio; and Jack Shainman Gallery, New York City, and is a part of museum and private collections around the world.

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